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Pit Bull Facts Dog Care 

Pit Bull Facts

Best Breed Ever! American pit bull terrier! “Pit bull” is not a breed, but a general term to describe: Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Bull terrier American pit bulls are a cross between bulldog and terrier Pit bulls are banned in the UK and New Zealand due to a particularly bad reputation for vicious and sometimes lethal attacks They were originally bred and trained to fight in pits against bulls, bears, rats and other dogs MYTH: Pit bulls have a locking jaw — they actually…

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Pros & Cons of a Pit Bull | Dog Breeds Dog Care 

Pros & Cons of a Pit Bull | Dog Breeds

I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter, and I am the “Living with Dogs” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. Pit Bulls are my favorite…

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Dog Training Tips – Secrets For All Puppy & Dog Obedience Training? Dog Training 

Dog Training Tips – Secrets For All Puppy & Dog Obedience Training?

Dog Training – 6 Basic Tips | Work for 220,494 Dog Owner !!(and counting) All of dog or puppy owner wants their pet to be well behaved one. You definitely can attain it with just simple tips 1. Keep in your mind train your dog can be challenging and hard, but it definitely will be worth it. 2. Just only one person should be in charge for the training. Too many trainers will confuse him/her. 3. Be consistent with the words and phrases for each command. So your dog can…

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Rottweiler Dog Breed (Petco) Dog Care 

Rottweiler Dog Breed (Petco)

Have you ever met a Rottweiler? They are even-tempered, loyal and affectionate towards loved ones but reserved with strangers. They were also close to extinction by 1900. Luckily a breed club was formed to increase the popularity. They make great companions. What type of dog would you like to meet next? Watch more Dog Breed videos: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE PETCO VIDEOS: Petco on YouTube: Petco on Facebook: Petco on Twitter: Petco on Instagram: Petco Official Website:

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