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How to Train a Brain – Crash Course Psychology #11 Dog Training 

How to Train a Brain – Crash Course Psychology #11

So if the name Ivan Pavlov rings a bell, it’s because his experiments are among the most famous in the history of psychology. His work contributed to the foundation of the behaviorist school of thought that viewed psychology as an empirically rigorous science focused on observable behaviors and not unobservable internal mental processes. Even though today we view psychology as the science of both behavior AND mental processes, Pavlov’s influence was tremendous. His research helped pave the path for more experimental rigor in behavioral research, right up to the present…

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3 Things Your Dog Should Not Be Doing Dog Care 

3 Things Your Dog Should Not Be Doing

[Intro] Hello, Internet. Can we talk about your funny dog pictures and videos for a second? That clip of the golden retriever barking the national anthem and the photo of your chihuahua dressed as Santa Claus? Those are great. But not all those pics you’ve been posting to Tumblr are as funny as you think, like the photo of your dog or your cat pressing their head against the wall, or the video of your dog sliding his butt across the front yard, or that picture of Otis eating your…

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Ian Dunbar: Dog-friendly dog training Dog Training 

Ian Dunbar: Dog-friendly dog training

Dogs have interests. They have interest sniffing each other, chasing squirrels. And if we don’t make that a reward in training, that will be a distraction. It’s always sort of struck me as really a scary thought that if you see a dog in a park, and the owner is calling it, and the owner says, you know, “Puppy, come here, come here,” and the dog thinks, “Hmm, interesting. I’m sniffing this other dog’s rear end, the owner’s calling.” It’s a difficult choice, right? Rear end, owner. Rear end wins….

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