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Service Dog Training: Pulling up Window Blinds -actual training- comparison of 2 dogs Dog Training 

Service Dog Training: Pulling up Window Blinds -actual training- comparison of 2 dogs

Learning to Draw up the Blinds: Actual Training Footage Both dogs have previous experience with tugging. See link to ‘tug’ video above. This task requires those behaviors so the dog learns to manipulate her teeth and mouth better. Start playing with a sturdy drapery cord like a cat toy. Mark and reward any interaction. Jessie tries a new behavior with it. Lucy plays with it a little differently. To get her to back up (and increase tension), I shorten the cord. Successful! Next session, we move the game towards the window.

My position is important as it determines what direction the dog pulls. Becasue of the way the cord releases, I stand so the dogs move back and to the right. Now the training cord is attached to the actual blind cord. We start with pulling up only one side to there is less tension. It is hanging low so she has a choice where to grab it. I readjust it so it doesn’t get caught on the other blind. A light bulb moment! By not clicking unless she is giving me similar to what she did before, I know she will try harder. That is called ‘surfing the extinction burst’. If you push too far, you risk getting the dog frustrated and giving up (extinction). But this time, she choses to offer me two in a row! And we are that much closer to the final desired behavior.

Lucy progresses quickly. Next session, practiced more pulls, then switched sides. Allow ‘wait time’ for her to figure it out. Here I let her figure ut how to fix the problem of keeping the blind up when she lets go. It is amazing what they both accomplished in 3 or 4 short short sessions! Keep watching for more training sessions!.

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