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How to Give Your Dog a Haircut with Clippers Dog Care 

How to Give Your Dog a Haircut with Clippers

How to Give Your Dog a Haircut with Clippers. Why spend money on a dog groomer when you can do the job at home? Use this guide to confidently clip your canine companion. You will need Dog shampoo Towel Table Dog brush or comb Dog clippers with a No. 40 blade and doggie treats (optional). Step 1. Wash your dog with dog shampoo, towel them off, and position them comfortably on a table to let them dry completely. Step 2. Gently brush or comb your dog to remove any tangles from their coat.

Step 3. Use a dog clipper with a No. 40 blade and, starting at the head, shave the sides and nose in quick, even strokes. Clip in the direction of hair growth — not against the grain. Step 4. Trim your dog’s ears by holding them in your hand and slowly moving the clippers over them. Have doggie treats on hand in case your dog gets fidgety. Step 5. Start where the dog’s head and neck meet and continue down the body in brisk strokes.

Move down the dog’s backbone and then down the sides of the body and the tail. Then trim the dog’s belly. Step 6. Clip the hair on your dog’s legs, starting at the top and moving downward to gently clip around the paws. Step 7. Use the money you save by grooming your dog yourself and get a new toy that you can play with together. Did you know Studies indicate that having a pet can reduce medical problems aggravated by stress.

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