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Dog Training : How to Train Dog Not to Bark at Visitors Dog Training 

Dog Training : How to Train Dog Not to Bark at Visitors

Teaching your dog not to bark at visitors is a lot about teaching your dog appropriate behavior, what you consider to be appropriate behavior at the door. It’s a good idea never to make your entry or your exit an exciting thing. You come home from work, you do, you put your keys down, you get yourself settled. When your dog settles down then you give your dog the attention that they desire from missing you all day, so the door is never an exciting activity. Then, if you have visitors come over you’re in charge of the door; your dog’s not in charge of the door, so you ask your dog to wait as you go to the door and you let the person in. If your dog is already showing active behavior at the door then you might choose to manage your dog by crating them when someone comes over.

The doorbell rings, we put them in a crate to be calm until the visitor gets in and gets settled. And then, your dog comes back out to greet the visitor in a calm manner. Again, if your dog is being overly active once they get out of their crate to come visit, to come see the visitor then you might put them back in for another short twenty minute time out. But, the key is to not make the door an exciting activity. And you can also practice. Have a party, have the drinks out on the porch, have people come through the door. In order for your dog to get a treat they have to sit and they get the treat, and the visitor goes back in.

Somebody else goes back out. This may happen a hundred times during a party. Your dog very quickly realizes that the only behavior that gets your dog what they want, which is attention or a treat, is by sitting and being calm. So, there are ver, very many ways to practice and proof, what’s called proof that behavior; get it working for your dog so your dog understands that regardless of who comes through the door the reaction of the guest never changes..

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